Finalist in the Global Ebook Awards! 

Burnished: Burnside Life Stories – Winner in the 2012 Global Ebook Awards!

Winners were announced August 18th in Santa Barbara. For the full list, click here.


Powerful, moving stories of Homes Kids in three unique books.

Burnished: Burnside Life Stories. Available Now!Kate Shayler, hailed as ‘Australia’s own Frank McCourt’ (Sally Loane, ABC Radio) has written three books. The Long Way Home details her life in Burnside Homes for Children during the 1950s and 60s. After many requests from readers, Kate wrote A Tuesday Thing to explain what happened next.  It is described as a courageously honest book.

Burnished: Burnside Life Stories

Burnished: Burnside Life Stories is available now. Find out more, or buy it here

Burnished: Burnside Life Stories is unique. After Kate had told her story, she had a flood of other homes kids contacting her to tell her their own. In response to this Kate helped them tell their stories and put them all together in Burnished. Find out more

Listen Click here to listen to a podcast in which Kate and her publicist Fiona discuss Burnished and its win in the 2012 Global Ebook Awards.


Who is Kate Shayler?

After leaving Burnside Homes Kate became an insurance clerk, a bored insurance clerk and then an HSC student. She attended Macquarie University where she studied Early Childhood and became a teacher when she finished her degree. Teaching was never boring.  It was rewarding, challenging, interesting, enriching and fun.

In 1996 Kate met Dave, the first homes kid she’d encountered in the thirty years since she had left, and her life changed radically. She retired from teaching after an unexpected inheritance and began writing full time.

Kate and Dave live in the Blue Mountains and they share an interest in bush care and writing. While Kate writes, gardens, has fun with her 'grandsons' and volunteers in a child and family services organisation, she remains grateful for Dave's continuing support.