Burnished: Burnside Life Stories

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ISBN 978-0-9806704-5-5 (paperback)
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Burnished is a unique collection of homes kids’ life stories. These are ‘Forgotten Australians.’
The lovable rogue, the British child migrant, the gentlemanly rascal, the cop who saw too much, the earth mother, the man who found love at eighty, and the man who helped save the life of the richest man in Australia are just a few. Their stories bring laughter and tears, smiles, frowns and wonder. Most of all they inspire.  

In The Long Way Home and A Tuesday Thing, Kate told her story. Then Aiden, who’d been in Burnside too, said, ‘Bloody hell! You had it easy! You ought to hear what happened in the boys' homes.’

Kate found a huge range of experiences and reactions to being in a home and to life outside.  

‘Why don’t you write our stories too?’ suggested Analise.

Here is the result of five years of collecting and writing about Kate’s peers. The photos on this page are of some of the people whose stories are told. You’ll be glad to have 'met' them.