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ISBN: 781740510509

Random House Australia


The Long Way Home

Shortlisted for COLIN RODERICK AWARD 2001

The Long Way Home is the first instalment of Kate's life story. Kate grew up a "homes kid" in the 1950s and 60s, institutionalised into the Burnside Children's Home as a young child after the death of her mother. Kate and her two siblings were placed by their father into the Pennant Hills Burnside. Kate quickly learns to live by the rules of the home and endure the loneliness, cruelty, loss of self and sense of betrayal that came from her life in the homes and her monthly visits to her abusive father.

Despite the subject matter, Kate's writing style is anything but self-pitying. Within the story is an uplifting sense of community, camraderie, and the humour that life through the eyes of a child can bring. Kate created her own sense of family and her own self-worth and her strength and resilience shine through in her writing. Despite a childhood darkened with death, sexual abuse and the pain of separation, Kate's memories of Burnside are often humorous and fondly recalled.

The Long Way Home: The Story of a Homes Kid, most of all, drives home the profound importance of recognising every child's worth.

"A moving story that both breaks the heart and lends it courage" - Caroline Jones AO


ISBN: 9781740512688

Random House Australia

A Tuesday Thing

The sequel to The Long Way Home begins with a young adult Kate, struggling to be accepted amongst her peers. The strength that got her through her childhood now seems elusive and her confidence falters as her attempts to ever become a member of a 'real family' continue to fail.

Kate starts an early childhoood course at university but just as her teaching career is taking off, dark secrets from her past emerge and Kate must face her demons - particularly her father, who stole her childhood away but at the same time, never stopped loving her...

Despite the darker subject matter, Kate's strength and refusal to submit to self-pity again shine through in this book. Young Kate must use her newfound strength and knowledge to choose the right path when the time comes.

“Shayler knows how to write with honesty and passion and her insights are expressed with such simplicity and lucidity that the reader is effortlessly drawn into her world” - Sydney Morning Herald

“Hugely enjoyable” - The Australian

“Triumphant!” - Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin

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